The Heroes of Our Lives



There's always one incredible person who has made difference in our lives. Here's a collection of narratives celebrating thousands of Singaporean heroes.

7 Aug 2015
My daughter I regard as my hero. She is my inspirations...
Siti hawa
2 Aug 2015
Mr R. Velayutham (1935), Pa our super hero. He is a ...
Mrs V. Posperani
1 Aug 2015
No amount of gratitude and thanks can be ever enough. O...
seah hoon huang arlene
28 Jul 2015
I would like to dedicate my story to My Hero Professor ...
26 Jul 2015
My mom was adopted into a large family since she was a ...
Blanche zephyrin tan yan ling
25 Jul 2015
My older sister works in the hospital. She told me ever...
22 Jul 2015
When we hear the word “hero,” it usually brings up imag...
Muhammad Nazir bin abdul rahman
22 Jul 2015
A complete stranger was made my hero the day he selfles...
Arnold Wee
21 Jul 2015
I have an elder sister that has hearing disability. Lea...
Charmaine Kheng
21 Jul 2015
Working under LT Kai was a tough but rewarding experien...
Gerald Ong
21 Jul 2015
My aunty is a housewife for many years. She used to be ...
Sally Kwang
20 Jul 2015
My sister in law is my hero. She is magnanimous and str...
Wynna Leong