The Heroes of Our Lives



There's always one incredible person who has made difference in our lives. Here's a collection of narratives celebrating thousands of Singaporean heroes.

20 Jul 2015
After my father left the family, my mum remarried 2 tim...
Cedric Leong
20 Jul 2015
My inspiration is Fashion and creative director, Daniel...
Germaine Tan
20 Jul 2015
Riley suffered obesity in his childhood years. Having f...
Lum Jun Hao
20 Jul 2015
David Lim is a national swimmer and he is my hero. He w...
Raphael Toh
20 Jul 2015
It was late at night and I received a call from a frien...
Martin Tay
20 Jul 2015
My company has a team of three security guards on activ...
Toh Han Joo
20 Jul 2015
Working as a waiter, I met Chef Teo who is not only kin...
Eric Yong
20 Jul 2015
Growing up together, my brother has always been my bigg...
Edwin Chua
19 Jul 2015
Now that my kids are grown up and working, I work part ...
Eva Lim
19 Jul 2015
Who is my hero? I have alot and one of them is my prima...
Ho Tong Ming
19 Jul 2015
Mr. Kunalan was a ex national runner. During his time, ...
Chia Si Hao
19 Jul 2015
My aunty is the one who brought me up. My parents are a...
Jermayne Kang