The Heroes of Our Lives



There's always one incredible person who has made difference in our lives. Here's a collection of narratives celebrating thousands of Singaporean heroes.

18 Jul 2015
My hero is a non-local. His name is Rich Piana. He is a...
Phang Ren Wei
18 Jul 2015
Dad has 3 daughters and he treated every one of us like...
Ng Yue Li
18 Jul 2015
I don’t think people appreciate construction workers en...
Marcus Mok
18 Jul 2015
My teacher Mr. Ee Cher is my hero. He was my form teach...
Calvin Chew
18 Jul 2015
Jose is passionate about playing the drums. However, sh...
Adeline Low
18 Jul 2015
When I first met Yan Da during track practice, I would ...
Alvin Leng
18 Jul 2015
My son is attending pre school and his form teacher is ...
Jessie Leong
18 Jul 2015
My social studies teacher Mr. Eng is very well informed...
Kevin Toh
18 Jul 2015
My cousin is my best friend, he is the only son, that i...
Ng Kai Liang
18 Jul 2015
Nevin loves to write poems, attend plays and anything t...
Gerwyn Leong
18 Jul 2015
My goal in life is to inspire others like how my school...
Dion Ho
18 Jul 2015
There is an old couple that sells newspaper, they worke...
Tan Kok Heng